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Sharing summaries of academic papers

There are currently approximately 1,897 CC-BY-3.0 licensed summaries of academic papers on AcaWiki.

Make your research known: post a summary

AcaWiki enables you to easily post summaries and literature reviews of peer-reviewed research. Many summaries on AcaWiki come up high on Google results. Please read our posting guidelines before proceeding. If you want to find summaries or literature reviews of peer-reviewed research, you can either browse summaries or search.

News: No news, plugging along

2.5 years since last update, but AcaWiki is still plugging along, busier than ever!

If this isn't satisfactory, jump in and help, including by helping find similar and possibly better projects.

You might be interested in the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship named in memory of a programmer who (among many other things) did some early work on AcaWiki.

Today's featured summary: Migration & money

Paper Title: Economics and emigration: Trillion-dollar bills on the sidewalk?

Constraints on migration may have orders of magnitude greater negative impact on welfare than constraints on trade and investment -- trillions of dollars worth -- but is much less studied.