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The best form of communication is often to dive in and edit a summary. You can also leave a question on the "discussion" page of a summary or the discussion page of an individual AcaWiki user. You can see AcaWiki:How to use for more details.

For general questions and discussion about AcaWiki, add to the AcaWiki:Village pump.

Of course, sometimes off-wiki communications help. Here are a few options.

Mailing lists


IRC users interested in AcaWiki should gather in #acawiki on freenode.

For those not familar with IRC have a look at the Wikipedia definition and download a software program for your operating-system so you can participate. You can also use a browser-based IRC.


You can follow and message @acawiki at and

News Archive

Other Social Networks

Reporting Bugs and Suggesting Features

Write on the AcaWiki:Village pump.

Who is Running AcaWiki?

Our general email address is

You can also contact our former part-time community liaison, Jodi Schneider or our founder Neeru Paharia. For more information, read about who's behind AcaWiki on our FAQ.