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Thanks for helping us share academic knowledge! You can enter a new summary or to find a summary to edit. Want to know what to post? See our posting guidelines.

It might help to know some basic wiki syntax. If you've edited Wikipedia this will look familiar: AcaWiki uses Semantic MediaWiki, which structures summaries, so AcaWiki can do a lot of the formatting for you. Do you want to link to other summaries in AcaWiki, link to other websites, or use images in your posts? Read on!

Link to a summary on AcaWiki

Syntax Example

To link a summary, or another page on AcaWiki, put the title in double brackets. For example, to link to the summary Medium Maximization, write [[Medium Maximization]]. The words have to match the exact title on AcaWiki in order for the system to match the link.

Link to another website

To link to another website, put the URL and title in single brackets. For example, to link to the New York Times, write [ New York Times].

Using images on AcaWiki

To use an image as part of your post on AcaWiki first make sure you own the copyright to the image or that it's openly licensed. Second, upload the file at our upload page. Finally, write: [[Image:Example.jpg]] .

For more tips, see Wikipedia

We recommend Wikipedia's editing advice for more advanced tips, like how to add

  • mathematical formulas
  • positioning images
  • tables
  • spacing