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The goal of AcaWiki is to make academic scholarship available for a wide audience. To that end, we ask you read these posting guidelines.

Copyright Information: This is Very Important

1. Don't copy anything verbatim! Do not cut and paste, and do not simply rewrite whole sentences. This is a copyright violation and this site can be shut down if we host copyrighted material that isn't ours. When summarizing an article please be sure to write it in your own words. For photos be sure that you only post items you own the copyright to, or that are licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license, CC-BY. For a good pool of CC-BY images you can go to flickr's. Make sure you give proper attribution!


2. Please note that everything you contribute to the site will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means that everything you contribute to the site will be free for others to re-use commercially or non-commercially, alter, remix, etc. The spirit of AcaWiki is for the greatest dissemination of academic scholarship. Sometimes commercial dissemination -- especially in countries where internet penetration is low -- is actually the best way to distribute. The one condition for reuse is that attribution be made to

General Posting Guidelines

1. Two main goals of AcaWiki are to make academic scholarship widely available and to make it accessible to a wide audience. To that end, we ask that you write a summary roughly between 300-700 words that summarizes the main points of the article, and is written in simple language that people can understand. For example, if you are writing about groups and are summarizing a paper on in-group versus out-group bias, it would be helpful to explain what these terms mean. In some cases for the hard sciences in particular, this might not be possible but you get the point - try your best.

2. In general, AcaWiki is a reference, and to that end we are looking for fairly objective summaries. To include some room for editorial opinions, debate, and additional thought we include a "theoretical and practical relevance" section, and a comments section. We are looking for summaries that would be of general interest to the public, or other researchers - use you best judgment.

3. Do not post summaries of articles that have not been published unless you have permission from the author of research.

4. AcaWiki's Terms of Use apply to postings. Please read the AcaWiki Terms of Use carefully.

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