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News: No news, plugging along

2.5 years since last update, but AcaWiki is still plugging along, busier than ever!

If this isn't satisfactory, jump in and help, including by helping find similar and possibly better projects.

You might be interested in the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship named in memory of a programmer who (among many other things) did some early work on AcaWiki.

Previous News

News: AcaWiki at 6 years non-summary, #freebassel

Rambling thoughts on AcaWiki at 6 years old posted at the end of Open Access Week 2015. Happy OAWeek!

Bassel Khartabil helped develop AcaWiki, was detained by the Syrian government and is now missing. Visit and spread the word!

Missing Bassel.png

News: AcaWiki software upgrade

As of 2014-09-26 is upgraded to MediaWiki 1.23. Contact us if you note any problems.

News: AcaWiki server migration

As of 2013-08-05 is running on a new server. Contact us if you note any problems.

News: Wikimedia France Research Award

One of the finalists for the Wikimedia France Research Award has a featured AcaWiki summary: Studying cooperation and conflict between authors with history flow visualizations, re-used on the awards page. Read, vote, and help summarize the others also!

News: We're Wiki of the Month!

We've been named Wiki of the Month for July 2011 by the Semantic MediaWiki community!

News: Seeking Top 100 Papers

We need your help to summarize the Top 100 Papers in 20 academic research domains. With your expertise, we will succeed by September 2011.

News: Prelim readings

Are you a grad student studying for prelims? Send us your reading list! We have a list of prelims already on AcaWiki and a place to post and request literature reviews.

News: Research tidbits: 140 characters or less

Minify your research reading: AcaMako is posting research tidbits in 140 characters or less.

News: Ig Noble award papers announced

Need a break from your research? Why not summarize an Ig Noble award paper?

News: AcaWiki mentioned in InsideHigherEd

AcaWiki was mentioned in Inside Higher Ed this week, in Whither the Wikis?

News: Attending WikiSym & WikiMania

Several AcaWiki users are in Gdansk, Poland for the WikiSym and WikiMania conferences.

News: Add summaries with Zotero!

Now it's even easier to add summaries to AcaWiki, if you use Zotero. Check it out! Thanks to Benjamin Mako Hill for this great addition. Send us your ideas for AcaWiki.

News: Got Math?

Write <math> e^{i\pi}+1=0</math> or any other formula on AcaWiki with the <math> tag. Use LaTeX formatting or see the manual for full details. Thanks to Yossi Farjoun for suggesting we add this great MediaWiki plugin! Send us your ideas for AcaWiki.

News: Demography Summaries Donated!

Thanks to Matt Moehr of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we've added nearly 150 summaries in demography. Would you like to donate your Prelim Exam notes? Use the BibTeX import or drop us a line.

News: Updates to Post Summary and Userpages

We've made it even easier to post a summary and create your userpage. Got feedback on the changes? Let us know!

News: AcaWiki Official Beta In Progress!

Read the press release. Increase the impact of your research, or research in your field by posting a summary or literature review. Got any feedback? Send us an email, or report bugs. Want to participate? Dig in: edit or post summaries, join our listservs, or find us on IRC and social networks. We also got a nice write up on the Free Software Foundation's blog!