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Reading and writing summaries and literature reviews posted on AcaWiki can be hugely useful for graduate students studying for your their preliminary examinations, qualifying examinations, general examinations and other major tests of knowledge of a literature.

This page is designed to help collect links to reading lists and summaries hosted by AcaWiki editors. If you're studying for examinations, or have already studied for examinations and produced summaries in the process, you should consider contributing them to AcaWiki!

  • User:Benjamin Mako Hill/Generals: My general examinations covered three areas: (1) a grounding in a phenomena technological innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy with an emphasis on free and open source software and community innovation, (2) a disciplinary grounding in organizational and economic sociology and (3) a literature on application in technological design for collaboration and creativity. I've posted additional information about my examinations (including questions and answers) on my on my website.
  • Matt Moehr donated 137 summaries for the Wisconsin Demography prelim.
  • User:Cpikas/comps: My comprehensive examps reading list covers information studies and science and technology studies
  • User:Charmonium: My qualifying exam is split into three areas, which I have listed below. This list also forms a good "background reading" list for these subfields.
  • Add yours here!