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Projects and similar involving summary of academic works for general consumption.

Though they don't as of this writing seem to include a summarizing component, anyone interested in wikis and academic literature should visit the English Wikipedia WikiProject Open Access and the Signalling OA-ness initiative. The latter includes building a database of every academic publication ever (which AcaWiki summaries can cross-reference).

Also help build a list of recognitions that summarization is hugely valuable and that more effort ought be dedicated to it.


To be described:


To be described:



Complement to summaries:


Various guides to summarizing academic articles, eg

The best advice of these and others ought be distilled into an AcaWiki guideline.



Journal of Brief Ideas

Comment: This project is not about summarizing existing publications, but publishing abstract-length unpublished ideas. There are many previous idea publishing sites, but this project has many features, including its name, to orient toward academic contributions.


Draw Science

Journalist's Resource

  • (CC-BY)
  • source: ?
  • 2009-
  • About:
    Given the deluge of research output every day, we aim to be a useful curator. Our searchable database contains top academic and governmental research that we have selected and synthesized. We strive to translate complex statistics into clear data points and reformulate the terminology of academic specialists into more accessible language, without sacrificing rigor or nuance.

Latest Thinking

  • (CC-BY)
  • source: ?
  • 2017-
  • About:
    an independent Open Access Video Journal providing summaries of research findings covering all academic fields from anthropology to physics, from biology to philosophy.

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  • (almost all rights taken, almost none granted[4])
  • source: ?
  • 2014-
  • About:
    We work with researchers to transform each of their journal articles into an easy-to-understand Scinopsis (scientific synopsis) for everyone to learn and enjoy.


Reffit is an online community of science enthusiasts and scientists trying to improve the way research is evaluated and shared. Joining us on Reffit means shaping the public conversation around research you care about. The fruit of your labor will be
  • Accessible summaries of original research
  • Collaborative evaluation of scientific findings - a way to quickly understand which findings are real, and what is just spin
  • Connection with scientists (if you're not one)
  • Connections with normal people (if you're a scientist)
  • A database of scores that can be mined for interesting data about how science is evolving (like OkTrends)
  • Data to help granting agencies and universities evaluate candidates
  • Encouragement for scientists to come out from the ivory tower


ScienceGists are simplified summaries of scientific papers. ScienceGist's goal is to provide a simple English version of science.


STM Digest

  • (almost all rights taken, almost none granted?[6])
  • source: closed source?
  • 2015-
  • About:
    The initiative is a collaboration between Elsevier's STM Journals group and Mendeley. We will continue to expand our journal networks by signing up interested early career researchers who, under the title of Research Ambassador, will write lay summaries of recently accepted journal articles with the approval of the original author.

Three Sentence Science

Tiny ToCS

Useful Science