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Name Mike Linksvayer
Location Oakland, CA

My thoughts about AcaWiki (2009 but still accurate) and updated (2015). I also aim to try out other projects similar in some dimension and hope some of them become hugely successful!

I abandon all control of my contributions to AcaWiki, placing them in the public domain.

Summaries wanted

I'd be grateful for summaries of the following paywalled articles which I do not want to pay US$35 for:

@article {springerlink:10.1007/s11299-011-0087-4,
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 title = {The Waste in Advertising Is the Part That Works},
 author = {Ambler, Tim and Hollier, E. Ann},
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 journal = {Journal of Advertising Research},
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 pages = {375-389},
 abstract = { This study shows that waste the perceived extravagance of an advertisement contributes to advertising effectiveness by increasing credibility. It draws especially on the Handicap Principle in biology: animals use wasteful characteristics to signal their exceptional biological fitness. It hypothesizes that excesses in advertising work in a similar way by signaling brand fitness. TV advertisements were evaluated online for perceived advertising expense, message, brand familiarity, quality, reliability, and likelihood of choosing. High perceived advertising expense enhances an advertisement s persuasiveness significantly, but largely indirectly, by strengthening perceptions of brand quality.},
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  • Plant, Arnold. "The economic theory concerning patents for inventions." Economica 1.1 (1934): 30-51.
  • Plant, Arnold. "The economic aspects of copyright in books." Economica 1.2 (1934): 167-195.

All of these papers on global burden of disease:

All of these articles on filesharing:

All papers on FLOSS:

Literature reviews wanted

  • Filesharing
  • Optimal taxation
  • Global welfare measurement
  • Precolumbian population level of western hemisphere
  • Global welfare effect of copyright/patent/trademark
  • Global commons
  • Knowledge commons, especially pertinent to [2]