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"Driving while black" and all other traffic offenses: the Supreme Court and Pretextual Traffic Stops +article  +
"Historical Archaeology, Contact, and Colonialism in Oceania" +article  +
"I Did Not Want to Face the Shame of Exposure": Gender Ideologies and Child Murder in Post-Emancipation Jamaica +article  +
"Science, Theory, and Reality in the "New Archaeology" +article  +


(Why) Do We Need Corporate Taxation? +article  +


100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access +article  +


2.6-Million-year-old stone tools and associated bones from OGS-6 and OGS-7, Gona, Afar, Ethiopia +article  +


A 3D morphometric analysis of surface geometry in Levallois cores: patterns of stability and variability across regions and their implications +article  +
A Cautionary Perspective on Cross Layer Design +article  +
A Choice-Based Rationale for Land Use and Transportation Alternatives +article  +
A Coasean Analysis of Marketing +article  +
A Collaborative Effort to Enhance Reading and Writing Instruction in Inclusion Classrooms +article  +
A Collaborative Writing Mode for Avoiding Blind Modifications +article  +
A Data Set for Social Diversity Studies of GitHub Teams +article  +
A Fresh Look at Tests for Nonliteral Copyright Infringement +article  +
A Global Perspective on Trends in Nature-Based Tourism +article  +
A History of Haskell: Being Lazy With Class +article  +
A Ladder of Citizen Participation +article  +
A Minimum Guaranteed Jobs Proposal +article  +
A Model of Open Source Developer Foundations +article  +
A Network Effects Perspective on Software Piracy +article  +
A Neural Predictor of Cultural Popularity +article  +
A Novel Tool for the Assessment of Pain: Validation in Low Back Pain +article  +
A Piaget primer: How a child thinks (Chapters 1, 2) +article  +
A Preliminary Analysis of Functional Variability in the Mousterian of Levallois Facies +article  +
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