100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access

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Citation: Jean-Gabriel Bankier, Promita Chatterji (2016) 100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access. Open Access to Scholarly Communication in 2016: Status and Bene ts Review (RSS)
Internet Archive Scholar (search for fulltext): 100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access
Download: https://works.bepress.com/jean gabriel bankier/27/


Categorize 100 case studies of open access "impact":

  • Advancing Knowledge / Open access for Readers
    • Affecting Public Policy
    • Advancing Innovation
    • Improving Access to Education
    • Linking Global Experts
    • Connecting Cultures
    • Building Local Community
    • Informing Patients & Caregivers
    • Updating Practitioners
    • Informing Prospective Applicants
  • Reputation Building / Open access for Authors
    • Amplifying Scholarship
    • Forging Business & Government Partnerships
    • Public Impact
    • Developing Niche Field
    • Preserving Scholarly Legacy
    • Finding Collaborators
    • Improving Quality and Scope
    • Launching Academic Career
    • Modeling Innovative Teaching
  • Demonstrating Achievements / Open access for Institutions
    • Building Reputation
    • Garnering Funding
    • Professionalizing Students
    • Developing Alumni Connections
    • Generating Content for Public Relations
    • Strengthening Recruiting
    • Aiding Accreditation and Review
    • Demonstrating Learning Outcomes
    • Boosting Operational Efficiency

"The data comes from bepress Digital Commons institutional repository subscribers, ranging from over 50,000 FTE to much smaller, and from the R1 Carnegie Class to law schools, health science centers, and community colleges."

Theoretical and Practical Relevance

Does not analyze or mention extent to which case study outcomes are attributable to OA.

Does not analyze or mention extent to which OA impact might be systemic, accruing to non-readers/authors/institutions, ie general welfare through increased innovation and equality?