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Name Jon Phillips
Location San Francisco

Jon Phillips is founder and developer of Fabricatorz, a global open production company fabricating total creative and commercial projects primarily between San Francisco, Beijing, and the Web. With Bassel Safadi in 2010 he co-founded Aiki Lab in Singapore, the Aiki Lab Cultural Center in Damascus and the Aiki Framework Open Source Web Framework. In 2002 he helped launch the open source drawing tool, Inkscape, founded the Open Clip Art Library (2004), taught design+technology at San Francisco Art Institute, built Creative Commons’ community and business development strategies from 2005 until 2008 and is Community Director for Status.Net ( Since 2009 in China, he builds Qi Hardware (is Copyleft Hardware) with Wolfgang Spraul, the Laoban Soundsystem with artist Matt Hope and with Isaac Mao and Christopher Adams he leads the Sharism project.