Trends in contraceptive use in the United States: 1982-1995

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Citation: Piccinino, L. J., Mosher, W. D. (1998) Trends in contraceptive use in the United States: 1982-1995. Family Planning Perspectives (RSS)

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Based on the 1982, 1988 and 1995 NSFG, the authors find that the proportion of women in U.S. using a contraceptive method increased from 56% in 1982 to 64% in 1995. In all years, female sterilization, pill and male condom were the most widely used methods. Between 1988 and 1995, the proportion of users relying on the pill decreased from 31% to 27% while condom use rose from 15% to 20%. This finding suggest concerns about HIV and other STD. The largest decreases in pill use and the largest increases in condom use occurred among never married women and among black women. Reliance on the IUD dropped sharply among Hispanic women, while use of diaphragm fell among college-educated white women.