Organizing and the process of sensemaking

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Citation: Karl E. Weick, K.M. Sutcliffe, D. Obstfeld (2005) Organizing and the process of sensemaking. Organization Science (RSS)

doi: 10.1287/orsc.1050.0133 Wikidata: Q60019037

Tagged: Sociology (RSS)


This article provides an overview of how organizational theory can engage with the concept of sensemaking: the process by which we respond to disruptions in our environment, develop some explanation for it, choose a response, and then proceed.

Theoretical and practical relevance:

The statement of theory is clear, useful, and insightful. The ideas systematized and discussed in this article provide a useful series of considerations for explaining how people respond to change and challenging situations, as well as how organizations manage to be both stable and evolve over time.