Organizational Values: A Dynamic Perspective

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Citation: Humphrey Bourne, Mark Jenkins (2013) Organizational Values: A Dynamic Perspective.

doi: 10.1177/0170840612467155 Wikidata: Q79798599


Tagged: corporate values (RSS)


Contributes to organizational values literature by isolating distinct forms and exploring relations between them. State that "organizational values embody those general values that guide organizational members in their selection or evaluation of behaviour."

Forms of organizational values, each of which may tend toward an orientation: Embedded or Intended, and may be Aggregated or Collective.

  • espoused (values advocated by senior management, Intended and Collective)
  • attributed (considered representative of organization by members of organization, Embedded and Collective)
  • shared (aggregation of values of organization members, Embedded and Aggregated)
  • aspirational (members believe ought to be values of organization, Intended and Aggregated)

Organizations may have values in all forms, which may be arranged in four archetypal configurations:

  • a high overlap between all forms of organizational values
  • a gap between embedded and intended forms
  • a dislocation gap between collective and aggregated
  • a dislocation gap between espoused and all others

Describe some ways these arrangements may come about and be tested for.