Managing the boundary of an open project

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Citation: Siobhán O'Mahony, Fabrizio Ferraro Managing the boundary of an open project. Market Emergence and Transformation (RSS)
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This paper describes the evolution of the boundary-management process within the Debian Linux community. Drawing on archival, interview, and keyring cryptography network data from the Debian project between 1997-2001, the authors argue that the growth of the community over time has led the community members to negotiate and implement a steadily more and more complex boundary-management process, leading to increasingly formalized organizational boundaries, despite (or perhaps because of?) the project's openness. The authors focus their empirical discussion & analysis on the maintainer keyring within the project, demonstrating how the growth of the keyring has led to network position within the keyring becoming an increasingly important predictor of status/authority within the community as a whole.

Theoretical and Practical Relevance

The paper is one of several Debian-focused publications by these authors and builds on O'Mahony's dissertation and other writings on this topic. It makes a compelling, albeit sometimes tenuous connection between the literature on networked organizations, knowledge production, and online communities. It has not been especially widely-read or cited.\n\n The full text is available through Scientific Commons