Impacts of Open Source Hardware in Science and Engineering

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Citation: Joshua M. Pearce (2017/09/15) Impacts of Open Source Hardware in Science and Engineering.
Internet Archive Scholar (search for fulltext): Impacts of Open Source Hardware in Science and Engineering
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Claims free and open source hardware (FOSH) scientific equipment would have large savings for research and education and drive increased output through greater access to scientific equipment. Proposes four policies:

  1. "formation of an NAS/NAE task force to identify opportunities to realize strategic national goals and a high return on investment for creation of FOSH scientific tools": Identify high-ROI equipment per where NUSA is the total number of labs in the United States, cj is the cost per unit of j instrument, and j is the number of j instruments in i lab; compare resulting list against existing and developing FOSH projects;
  2. "shift in federal funding from proprietary equipment to the development of scientific FOSH": Earmark federal funding for equipment identified in first step, both traditional funding and prizes;
  3. "creation of a free online catalogue of validated scientific FOSH with vetted peer-reviewed designs": Create a national free online database of tested, vetted, and validated FOSH; existing work includes and journals dedicated to peer review of FOSH
  4. "purchasing policy preferences for FOSH for all government-funded projects as well as tax incentives for businesses to adopt FOSH protocols": Enact purchasing policy preferences for vetted FOSH