How do Developers Promote Open Source Projects?

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Citation: Hudson Borges, Marco Tulio Valente How do Developers Promote Open Source Projects?.

Wikidata: Q67607850




Based on inspection of top 100 projects on GitHub based on number of stars, the following are the top ways developers promote their projects: Twitter, user meetings, blogs, events, RSS, newsletters, Facebook, and Google+.

Another 100 projects randomly selected from the top 5000 most starred found much less use of promotion channels of all kinds, with user meetings additionally dropping to the 4th most used channel.

Authors also inspected impact of posts about open source projects on Hacker News, finding posts correlated with additional stars.

Theoretical and practical relevance:

Authors state that promotion is an important part of open source project management and suggest that projects follow the lead of the most popular projects' use of promotion channels.