Executive interventions in the corporate value process

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Citation: Anna Blombäck, Olof Brunninge, Anders Melander (2013) Executive interventions in the corporate value process.

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Investigates how executives introduce, change and maintain corporate values over time as a means to obtain strategic goals.

Literature review identified close to 150 articles that discuss formally stated corporate values. No generally agreed upon definition of corporate values. Most authors suggest corporate values are fundamental, deep-rooted and intrinsic principles and beliefs prevailing in an organization. Organizational culture can be considered as a variable, or an organization can be considered as culture, latter less subject to values intervention. "Companies form core values as a mechanism to create a foundation of attitudes and practices that will lead to the enhanced long-term success of the firm." (Osborne 1991)

Review identifies "separatist" and "iterative" interventions, with differing overall rationales, organization of intervention (distinct formulation and implementation, or process-oriented), role of management, and distribution of power.

Five empirical cases of different value interventions: the banks Handelsbanken and Swedbank, the conglomerate Lime, the IT consultant ABD and PERRO, a subcontractor in the automotive industry. All five interventions were separatist, though it is unclear if this is due to the author's empirical approach, or iterative interventions are in fact uncommon.