Cybersecurity: What about U.S. Policy

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Citation: Lawrence J. Trautman Cybersecurity: What about U.S. Policy.

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Makes analogy between cybersecurity threat and ebola: individuals are essentially helpless, and addressing requires great levels of coordination.

Considers the following cybersecurity constituency groups within the United States for the purposes of policy analysis: (1) Consumers; (2) Investors; (3) Law enforcement; (4) Business; (5) Federal, State and Local Government; and (6) National Security interests.

Provides overview of recent US policy developments and academic centers.

Theoretical and practical relevance:

Does not consider technologists or civil society as constituency groups, which also makes analogy with ebola weaker (medical community and civil society).

Technologists are mentioned not as a constituency but as lacking, eg "critical need for cyber skills" and "Given that the total number of Internet of Things (IoT) developers are projected to increase from 0.8 million in 2015 to 4.5 million during 2020 it is reasonable to assume that many products will be designed and manufactured by parties having little or no prior experience in bringing cyber secure products to market."