Cohere: Towards Web 2.0 argumentation

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Citation: Simon Buckingham Shum (2008) Cohere: Towards Web 2.0 argumentation. Computational Models of Argument (RSS)
Internet Archive Scholar (search for fulltext): Cohere: Towards Web 2.0 argumentation
Tagged: Computer Science (RSS) argumentation (RSS), online argumentation (RSS), Cohere (RSS), web2.0 (RSS), IBIS (RSS)


This paper presents Cohere, a tool for argument mapping. It is presented in the context of Web2.0, as a simple, engaging tool for emergent structure and semantics. Cohere invites uers to express the connections between Ideas, which can be pulled in from elsewhere on the web, or embedded in other websites.

Cohere seems to grow out of earlier work on ClaiMaker from this lab, and uses the same underlying data model as Compendium. Data can be imported and exported in various formats, most particularly the Argument Interchange Format(AIF).

Theoretical and Practical Relevance

Solving global problems is the motivation of this paper; progress in this area will help!

This paper provides a comprehensive discussion of existing argumentation tools (see page 4), indicating what they are lacking.

Numerous screenshots of Cohere and a graph of Cohere's data model could be useful for those trying to get a quick overview of the system.