A Rules-Based Order to Keep the Internet Open and Secure

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Citation: Marietje Schaake (2018) A Rules-Based Order to Keep the Internet Open and Secure.

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Download: https://www.georgetownjournalofinternationalaffairs.org/online-edition/2018/10/30/a-rules-based-order-to-keep-the-internet-open-and-secure



The EU and US, historical advocates of a rule-based system, have backed away from supporting a rules-based open internet, while norms based on sovereignty, offense, and protectionism have gained. UN Group of Governmental Experts failed to reach a concluding document on cybersecurity after 13 years of discussions. A holistic framework is an alternative, taking into account security, economic, and social aspects, analogized to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe responding to the crises of the 1960s, based on a shared interest in coexistence and peace rather than on an ideological victory.