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  • Name: Sarwar Rahman Ali.
  • Pen name: Sarwar Penjweni (سه‌روه‌ر پێنجوێنی).
  • Traditional religious studies, at religious school.
  • Bachelor degree in Islamic studies / The Great Emam University College (كلية الإمام الأعظم الجامعة) / Mosul. Attending year: 2002-2003.
  • MPhil in Islamic studies / Iraqi University (الجامعة العراقية) [former “Islamic University”] / Islamic Sciences Faculty / Baghdad.

Specialization: Comparative study of religions.

Attending year: 2010-2011.

Thesis title: “The Apocrypha, in Judaism and Christianity: An Analytical Critical Study” (in Arabic).

  • Researcher, author and journalist concerning in the fields of religious studies, islamistics, political Islam and Islamic terrorism. I have many published books, researches, articles in Kurdish journals, Newspapers and web: my blog as well as social media.
  • I was a staff member of “Dosie'I Islam” (Islam dossier) Journal at (Kurdistan center for strategic studies), concerning Islamic studies and political Islam.
  • A columnist at “Ruanga u Raxna” (Opinion and Criticism), an appendix of “Chawder” (Observer) newspaper, concerning Islamic studies and political Islam.
  • A blogger, demonstrate on the religious and Islamic issues, Islamic groups, Islamic laws, and the relations between Science and Religion. Here’s the link of my blog: