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  1. "Driving while black" and all other traffic offenses: the Supreme Court and Pretextual Traffic Stops
  2. "Historical Archaeology, Contact, and Colonialism in Oceania"
  3. "Science, Theory, and Reality in the "New Archaeology"
  4. (Why) Do We Need Corporate Taxation?
  5. 100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access
  6. 2.6-Million-year-old stone tools and associated bones from OGS-6 and OGS-7, Gona, Afar, Ethiopia
  7. AI and Shared Prosperity
  8. ATCP: TCP for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  9. A 3D morphometric analysis of surface geometry in Levallois cores: patterns of stability and variability across regions and their implications
  10. A Cautionary Perspective on Cross Layer Design
  11. A Choice-Based Rationale for Land Use and Transportation Alternatives
  12. A Fresh Look at Tests for Nonliteral Copyright Infringement
  13. A Global Perspective on Trends in Nature-Based Tourism
  14. A History of Haskell: Being Lazy With Class
  15. A Minimum Guaranteed Jobs Proposal
  16. A Model of Open Source Developer Foundations
  17. A Network Effects Perspective on Software Piracy
  18. A Neural Predictor of Cultural Popularity
  19. A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture
  20. A Novel Tool for the Assessment of Pain: Validation in Low Back Pain
  21. A Preliminary Analysis of Functional Variability in the Mousterian of Levallois Facies
  22. A Preliminary Exploration of the Relationships Between Student-Created OER, Sustainability, and Students Success
  23. A Prize System as a Partial Solution to the Health Crisis in the Developing World
  24. A Quick Guide to Software Licensing for the Scientist-Programmer
  25. A Realist Approach To Copyright Law's Formalities
  26. A Review and Technological Consideration of the Bona Fide Group Perspective
  27. A Revolution in Mathematics? What Really Happened a Century Ago and Why It Matters Today
  28. A Roadmap for Assimilating Authors’ and Users’ Human Rights into International Copyright Law
  29. A Room with a Viewpoint: Using Social Norms to Motivate Environmental Conservation in Hotels
  30. A Rules-Based Order to Keep the Internet Open and Secure
  31. A Short History of the Epistemic Commons
  32. A State-By-State Analysis of Inevitable Disclosure: A Need For Uniformity a nd a Workable Standard
  33. A Study Of Surface Wash And Runoff At Tekala Forest Reserve Malaysia
  34. A Survey of the First 20 Years of Research on Semantic Web and Linked Data
  35. A Theory of Fertility: From High Plateau to Desestabilization
  36. A Theory of Joint Authorship for Free and Open Source Software Projects
  37. A comparison of laparoscopically assisted and open colectomy
  38. A framework for the Study of Fertility Determinants
  39. A hierarchical methodology for the mesoscale assessment of building integrated roof solar energy systems
  40. A language action perspective on the design of cooperative work
  41. A novel mechanism of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition involving interactions with Ser-530 and Tyr-385.
  42. A population change, resources, and the environment
  43. A review of web-based collaborative learning: factors beyond technology
  44. A rulebook for arguments
  45. A time to fast
  46. Abortion Patients in 1994-1995: Characteristics and Contraceptive Use
  47. Abrupt Terminations and stone artefact reduction potential
  48. Abstand, Umstand, Anstand – Wahrnehmungen, Überlegungen und andere Interpretationen zum Ästhetischen
  49. Academic Software Engineering reading list
  50. Accounting for Rising Corporate Profits: Intangibles or Regulatory Rents?

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