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  1. "Driving while black" and all other traffic offenses: the Supreme Court and Pretextual Traffic Stops
  2. "Historical Archaeology, Contact, and Colonialism in Oceania"
  3. "I Did Not Want to Face the Shame of Exposure": Gender Ideologies and Child Murder in Post-Emancipation Jamaica
  4. "Science, Theory, and Reality in the "New Archaeology"
  5. (Why) Do We Need Corporate Taxation?
  6. 100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access
  7. 2.6-Million-year-old stone tools and associated bones from OGS-6 and OGS-7, Gona, Afar, Ethiopia
  8. ATCP: TCP for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  9. A 3D morphometric analysis of surface geometry in Levallois cores: patterns of stability and variability across regions and their implications
  10. A Behavioral Approach to the Rational Choice Theory of Collective Action: Presidential Address, American Political Science Association, 1997
  11. A Cautionary Perspective on Cross Layer Design
  12. A Choice-Based Rationale for Land Use and Transportation Alternatives
  13. A Coasean Analysis of Marketing
  14. A Collaborative Effort to Enhance Reading and Writing Instruction in Inclusion Classrooms
  15. A Collaborative Writing Mode for Avoiding Blind Modifications
  16. A Global Perspective on Trends in Nature-Based Tourism
  17. A History of Haskell: Being Lazy With Class
  18. A Ladder of Citizen Participation
  19. A Minimum Guaranteed Jobs Proposal
  20. A Network Effects Perspective on Software Piracy
  21. A Neural Predictor of Cultural Popularity
  22. A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture
  23. A Novel Tool for the Assessment of Pain: Validation in Low Back Pain
  24. A Piaget primer: How a child thinks (Chapters 1, 2)
  25. A Preliminary Analysis of Functional Variability in the Mousterian of Levallois Facies
  26. A Preliminary Exploration of the Relationships Between Student-Created OER, Sustainability, and Students Success
  27. A Prize System as a Partial Solution to the Health Crisis in the Developing World
  28. A Quick Guide to Software Licensing for the Scientist-Programmer
  29. A Realist Approach To Copyright Law's Formalities
  30. A Revolution in Mathematics? What Really Happened a Century Ago and Why It Matters Today
  31. A Room with a Viewpoint: Using Social Norms to Motivate Environmental Conservation in Hotels
  32. A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Targeted Ad-System
  33. A Short History of the Epistemic Commons
  34. A Signaling Explanation for Charity
  35. A State-By-State Analysis of Inevitable Disclosure: A Need For Uniformity a nd a Workable Standard
  36. A Study Of Surface Wash And Runoff At Tekala Forest Reserve Malaysia
  37. A Survey of the First 20 Years of Research on Semantic Web and Linked Data
  38. A Theory of Fertility: From High Plateau to Desestabilization
  39. A Theory of Joint Authorship for Free and Open Source Software Projects
  40. A cardiac signature of emotionality
  41. A companion to the Hellenistic world
  42. A few details on how to opt a established medical billing company
  43. A first step towards argument mining and its use in arguing agents and ITS
  44. A framework for the Study of Fertility Determinants
  45. A hierarchical methodology for the mesoscale assessment of building integrated roof solar energy systems
  46. A legal case OWL ontology with an instantiation of Popov v. Hayashi
  47. A network-based approach to text handling for the online scientific community
  48. A new perspective on "community" and its implications for computer-mediated communications systems
  49. A novel mechanism of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition involving interactions with Ser-530 and Tyr-385.
  50. A paradigm of entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial management

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