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Islam Atef Aly

Researcher & Theorist born in Dubai (1995)

Basic information

Islam Atef Aly (born February 15, 1995) Is a Research theorist with a research interest in the origins of the universe, He is a cosmologist specializing in dark energy and gravity, and he is the author of two underrated books, I.A cares about Art and psychology and the aim of his writing is to discuss the beings.


I.A Area of research is the origins of the universe, and also he interests in the psychology of God or creator mind. The origin of the universe attempts to explain the beginning of the universe, and the psychology of God and the philosophy of his mind.


For him Art has always been on the side. He learned graphic design and started doing his own illustrations. Then things started to grow as he moved into the realm of animation and making products—but he hasn't ever worked full-time on personal work. However many agencies in KSA and Dubai asked him to join them. He always try to carve out time to convert designs to products.


[1]The mighty book, 2017 [2]Who knows, 2017 [3]No space between us, 2017


The creator project and the hypothesis of the virtual world of cosmic bubble; The speculation of the God's realm reveals some cosmic principals; From the hypersphere of the cosmic sea beneath God's throne to the digital world and heat death


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