Annual status of education report (Rural) 2010

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Chart 2: All India 206-10 Proportion of children who can read. Children who can read Std1 text in Std3 and children who can read Std2 text in Std5. pg1

"more than half of the children in Std 5 will be incapable of completing even elementary education except by blind promotion without regard to the actual learning levels they attain. This is exactly what the government has done. All children will be promoted up to Std 8 automatically"

See the sample tol to test reading skills.

Table 2: School Infrastructure and Learning Outcomes pg10


All children were assessed using a simple reading tool. The reading test has 4 categories: Letters : Set of commonly used letters. Words: Common familiar words with 2 letters and 1 or 2 matras. Level 1 (Std 1) text: Set of 4 simple linked sentences, each having no more than 4-5 words. These words or their equivalent are in the Std 1 textbook of the state. Level 2 (Std 2) text: “Short” story with 7-10 sentences. Sentence construction is straightforward, words are common and the context is familiar to children. These words (or their equivalent) are in the Std 2 textbook of the state.

Reading test is available in all languages and the child can choose the language in which he/she wants to read.

HOW TO TEST READING? pg 27 Retrieved 30th May 2012