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This is a page for discussion of improvements.

DOI bot

  • Adopt wikipedia's bot to check and enrich metadata

BibTeX Import

Template hooks: Check each summary as it's added

Upon upload or add of a summary, check for the presence and absence of different kinds of information. See Citizendium's templates as an example.

  • Check whether summary exists, if not add a tag or category like "needs summary"
  • If there are no tags, add a category like "needs tags"
  • If there's no DOI but there's a title and author, indicate which info is missing


  • Semantic Drilldown, which we use, has nice functionality, but is complex and hard to use. Can we clarify what makes it difficult, and improve the interface?

Welcome Template

Signature needs work, see discussion start at User_talk:Daniel_Mietchen#About_the_Welcome_Template

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