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This is a place to mention related people and groups, and brainstorm about outreach activities.

Community managers

For ideas on building community

Community groups and movements

  • opened
  • opened resources (subgroup)
  • wiki educators

Related projects and possible collaborators

Outreach ideas

Collections we have permission to import

Explicit permission

  • Brede wiki papers section -- Done! We are free to import these!
  • Stian Haklev PhD wiki -- Note that all the clippings (on the clip: and kindle: pages) are direct extracts from articles, whereas the notes (on the notes:) pages are written by me, and are licensed CC-0. The same is probably the case for [Ryan Muller's], [Niklas Karlsson's] and [Cresencia Fong's] wikis, they all use the same system (I might be able to create a dump in a format useful to you, with bibtex metadata etc, if interesting)

Inherent in their licensing

What do we know already?

  • Review existing summaries and draft a wiki meta page about best practices
  • What can we learn from the history of Wikipedia?
  • Use talk pages to *show* the community being built