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  • Anthropology
  • Arts and Literarure
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Research
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
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A Novel Tool for the Assessment of Pain: Validation in Low Back Pain +Medicine  +
A comparison of laparoscopically assisted and open colectomy +Medicine  +
A diffusible lymphokine produced by CD8+ T lymphocytes +Medicine  +
Agents' Evaluations and the Disparity in Measures of Economic Loss (Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1986) +Economics  +
Allometry of the Duration of Flight Feather Molt in Birds +Biology  +
An Economic Evaluation of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Strategies in Critically Ill Trauma Patients at Risk of Bleeding +Medicine  +
An Economic Theory of Avant-Garde and Popular Art, or High and Low Culture +Economics  +
An information-theoretic framework for resolving community structure in complex networks +Mathematics  +
Anti-Plagiarism Certification be an Academic Mandate +Computer Science  +
Arachidonic Acid Supplementation Decreases P300 Latency and Increases P300 Amplitude of Event-Related Potentials in Healthy Elderly Men +Health  +
Are Markers of Inflammation More Strongly Associated with Risk for Fatal Than for Nonfatal Vascular Events? +Medicine  +
Attention Enhances the Retrieval and Stability of Visuospatial and Olfactory Representations in the Dorsal Hippocampus +Medicine  +


Can Consumers Escape the Market? Emancipatory Illuminations from Burning Man +Anthropology  +
Categorization of web pages – Performance enhancement to search engine +Computer Science  +
Combinatorial stochastic processes +Mathematics  +
Concatenated Analysis Sheds Light on Early Metazoan Evolution and Fuels a Modern “Urmetazoon” Hypothesis +Biology  +
Constructions of a Brownian path with a given minimum +Mathematics  +
Corporations and the sins of their forefarthers – A reply to Velasquez +Philosophy  +
Creative Distruction and Copyright Protection: Regulatory Responses to File-sharing +Business  +
Crystal Structure of a Yeast Aquaporin at 1.15 Ã//Reveals a Novel Gating Mechanism +Biology  +


DEAR1 Is a Dominant Regulator of Acinar Morphogenesis and an Independent Predictor of Local Recurrence-Free Survival in Early-Onset Breast Cancer +Medicine  +
Dirty work, clean hands: The moral psychology of indirect agency (Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, in press) +Psychology  +
Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff +Economics  +
Doing Comparative Education: Three Decades of Collaboration +Education  +


E-Tribalized Marketing? The Strategic Implications of Virtual Communities of Consumption +Business  +
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