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This is a property of type Date.

Date is a predefined property (also known as special property). It is a built-in property that comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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A rulebook for arguments +1987  +
A socio-cognitive analysis of online design discussions in an Open Source Software community +2008  +
A taxonomy of argumentation models used for knowledge representation +2010  +
ATCP: TCP for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks +2001  +
Absorptive capacity: A new perspective on learning and innovation +1990  +
Accelerating adaptive processes: Product innovation in the global computer industry +1995  +
Adapting the Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine for Multilingual OCR. +2009  +
Administrative science as socially constructed truth +1985  +
Age and the sociology of fertility: How old is too old? +1978  +
Agents' Evaluations and the Disparity in Measures of Economic Loss (Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1986) +1986  +
Allometry of the Duration of Flight Feather Molt in Birds +June 2009  +
An Economic Evaluation of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Strategies in Critically Ill Trauma Patients at Risk of Bleeding +June 2009  +
An Economic Theory of Avant-Garde and Popular Art, or High and Low Culture +2000  +
An Industrial Organization Approach to Copyright Law +2004  +
An Overview of the Tesseract OCR Engine +2007  +
An abstract framework for modeling argumentation in virtual communities +2009  +
An agent-based Bayesian forecasting model for enhanced network security +2001  +
An evolutionary theory of economic change +1982  +
An information-theoretic framework for resolving community structure in complex networks +2007  +
Analisis Ciri-ciri Luahan Sungai Chini Dan Sungai Paya Merapuh Tasik Chini, Pahang Bagi Waktu Normal, Waktu Basah Dan Selepas Banjir +2012  +
Analisis Trend Pengundian Berdasarkan Kaum Di Kawasan Bukit Gantang, Perak +2010  +
Animal behaviour: Birdsong normalized by culture +2009  +
Animated multimedia 'talking books' can promote phonological awareness in children beginning to read +2003  +
Annotation +2010  +
Anti-Plagiarism Certification be an Academic Mandate +1 July 2008  +
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